The Cause

What’s the Story?

Glad you asked! Rain or shine, it’s a full-day kickball & softball tournament culminating in a spirited silent auction and dinner reception.

Now in its 8th year, the event was created in memory of Katie Jurek, 20, who lost her battle with osteosarcoma in 2007. For those who knew Katie, she was always the life of the party, so the obvious choice was to have an epic shindig in her honor!

This effort is unlike other fundraisers. It’s a celebration of life with our special twist that aims to benefit other children and families suffering from the effects of cancer.


What is Beer?

An alcoholic drink made from a variety of ingredients that has been consumed by people for thousands of years. Delicious.

What is Cancer?

A disease in which the body’s cells grow abnormally…very dangerous and affects many of us in negative ways.